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Welcome, wiki editors!

This page is a portal for novice wiki editors who are looking for a place to start. Regardless of skill level, anyone can make contributions to the wiki with just a few clicks and some typing. Please don’t be intimidated, as you’ve got the support of a team of experienced collaborators, researchers and proofreaders. Also keep in mind that you can never break anything, as previous versions of an article can easily be restored.

Beginner skills - Proofreading and page maintenance

Even with no expertise in investing, anyone can start right away helping to proofread recently-edited pages and to maintain older wiki pages. All that’s needed is a quick review of the very basics of wiki markup language, a quick tutorial, perhaps a little practice in the sandbox, then to find the specific wiki pages that are awaiting your help.

On the left-side menu under Wiki activity, is Recent changes. All editing activity is logged here. If you want to see what the editors have been doing (and perhaps join them to help), select Recent changes as the first place to check when visiting the wiki. For those familiar with discussion boards, the finiki equivalent is talk pages, so you might want to narrow the Recent changes to the Talk namespace.

Intermediate skills - Improving an existing page

If you have general expertise in investing, or are interested in doing some research, there are many existing wiki pages that need expansion and improvement. This work generally requires more extensive fluency with the wiki markup language, but there are excellent guides available to assist you.

Advanced skills - Creating a new page

If you have expert knowledge of a topic, or would just like to research and learn about it, there are numerous wiki topics that are waiting for someone to create a new page for them. Developing a brand new page may require fairly advanced wiki markup skills, but some novice editors may also want to try it as a “learn by doing” project.

finiki accounts

So what to do if you’re not already a wiki editor and would like to become one? If you would like to edit finiki, please send an email to , with the Subject: finiki account request and we'll create an account for you.

In most cases, editors come from the Financial Wisdom Forum membership. We welcome interested members of the public to apply to become an editor. Can't remember if you already have a finiki account? See list of users.

Login problems

If you are having problems with your finiki login you can reset your password. The functionality depends on you having a valid email address as part of your preferences (you'll need to be logged in).

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