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A savings bond is a loan to a government that is secured by the general credit and taxation powers of the government. They are usually offered for sale at certain times of the year directly from the issuing government (or agency). The Bank of Canada offers Canada Savings Bonds, and there are a number of provincial savings bonds.

Canada savings bonds

As of 1998[1] there are two Canada Savings Bonds products, Canada Savings Bond (CSB) and Canada Premium Bond (CPB). The difference is that CPBs are only cashable on the anniversary of the issue date or during the 30 days thereafter. Both products are offered in regular interest (R-series) and compound interest (C-series).

Provincial savings bonds

Province Main Site
Alberta Alberta Capital Bonds and Alberta Savings Certificates
British Columbia BC Savings Bonds
  • As of October 15, 2007, all outstanding B.C. Savings Bonds have matured.[2]
Manitoba Manitoba Builder Bonds
New Brunswick Not offered
Newfoundland & Labrador Not offered
Nova Scotia Not offered
Ontario Ontario Savings Bonds
Prince Edwards Island Not offered
Quebec Épargne Placements Québec
Saskatchewan Saskatchewan Savings Bonds

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