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finiki, the Canadian financial wiki is the wiki operated by the Financial Wisdom Forum (FWF). In case you are wondering about the name, it derives from financial and wiki. And the 'f' is lower case.

Its purpose is to provide online access to Canadian financial topics for individuals who wish to educate themselves. It is a Canadian oriented wiki and does not try to duplicate Wikipedia. It is not a stock-tipping or financial advice service. Investors wishing to discuss their financial situation should seek a financial adviser or post on the Financial Wisdom Forum.

About finiki


Here's the launch announcement:[1]

Welcome to finiki - The Do-It-Yourself Financial Webring Wiki. As this forum has grown larger and more complex, it becomes increasingly difficult to find authoritative information. There has been some consolidation of similar type threads into single threads but that just leads to huge threads. Because of the chatty nature of forums, threads contain huge numbers of off-topic posts which make mining for gold difficult. Hence the launch of finiki.
Suffice it to say that finiki is Wikipedia on a very small scale focused on Canadian finance.

— The Management, February 15, 2009


finiki can always use more contributors, so if you've been thinking about it, be bold, we could use your help. Unlike Wikipedia, finiki requires you to have an account before you can edit. Please don't let that requirement stop you, If you would like to edit finiki, please send an email to , with the Subject: finiki account request and we'll create an account for you.

In most cases, editors come from the Financial Wisdom Forum membership. We welcome interested members of the public to apply to become an editor..


Text on finiki is a collaborative work, and the efforts of individual contributors to a page are recorded in that page's history, which is publicly viewable.

Technical attributes

finiki uses MediaWiki software, the open-source program used not only on Wikipedia but also on many other third-party websites.

Who owns this site?

The Financial Webring Ltd. operates finiki, as part of their purpose to "to operate non-commercial websites (one or more) that are non-profit and free from advertisement, whose purpose is to further the education and empowerment of Canadian retail investors."

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  1. Financial Wisdom Forum topic: finiki, the Canadian financial wiki