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Securities regulators head provincial and territorial agencies that are responsible for protecting consumers who purchase securities or investment advice. Their jurisdiction extends over licensing firms and their agents, investigating violations of provincial and territorial law, filing enforcement actions when appropriate, and educating the public about investment fraud. [1]

Canada does not have a securities regulatory authority at the federal government level, although securities regulators from each of the ten provinces and three territories in Canada have teamed up to form the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA).[2]

This list page provides links to the websites of provincial and territorial security regulators. A similar page devoted to US state security regulators is included in external links.

Province Main Site
Alberta link
British Columbia link
Manitoba link
New Brunswick link
Newfoundland & Labrador link
Nova Scotia link
Ontario link
Prince Edwards Island link
Quebec link
Saskatchewan link
Territory Main Site
Northwest Territories link
Nunavut link
Yukon link


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